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February 08 2018

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“you had no childhood if you didn’t watch that movie!” I start to feel it. my memory is fading. I have forgotten the day I learned to ride a bike. I forget my first day of kindergarden. It has happened. I had no childhood

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“the boy cries you a sweater of tears and you kill him” sounds like a richard siken poem but so does squidward’s subsequent line “this time there’s gonna be love. so much that he’s going to drown in it”

#just the three of us- you; me; and this brick wall you built between us#the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma#if i cant have you as a friend im going to make you a trophy#i defy you heart man#this city needs to be destroyed or at least painted a different color (x)



science fiction authors are always coming up with these fantastical solutions to “the energy crisis” like drilling in to other dimensions. you can put a wheel in running water and it makes electricity. you can put a wheel in moving air and it makes electricity. the only reason an “energy crisis” is looming over us like some vast, predatory bird is because billionaires stand to profit off of selling the rarest and most inefficient forms of energy.

you can’t make money off of wind. wind’s never gonna run out. you can’t jack the prices up on wind. 

but oil? oil is finite. coal is finite. oil and coal are finite and they don’t work too well. you gotta buy a lot of oil to make something work because it does the job so shitty. you can charge whatever you want when something is rare and you trick people in to thinking they need it. 

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And so it begins.

Our little rovers up there have gotta be SHOOK by the news that this absolute HUNK is coming to town

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Me: Nothing can stop me now

Myself: *stops me*



power move: put the fbi agent watching you through a series of endurance tests. stay awake for 72 hours. put obscene images over your webcam. chew gum really loudly next to your mic. they may have wiretaps but by god they won’t have peace

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Now I can’t help but imagine a 60 year old seriel killer at a millenials door waiting, mad as fuck, checking his watch , and leaving out of frustration and writes a blog post about how millenials are ruining this country

Are Millennials Killing The Serial Killer Industry?

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if you remember this you survived a dark ass time

DARK? Heh… this time was perfect.

I’ll have the Steven Universe fandom get the Crystal Gems to form Alexandrite so they can crush anyone who questions the SuperWhoLocks, Potterheads, and Fannibals…



me, every single month without fail: huh weird I feel kind of bloated and lethargic but also very hungry??? and I’m breaking out??? and my back hurts??? this is so strange I have never experienced this before in my whole entire life… what could this be

me a few days later, every single month without fail: oh




natalie portman radiates such a terrifying energy i can’t describe it….. it’s not exactly evil but it’s not warm either…. i feel like she could unhinge her jaw and drag me into the ocean like a kraken but she wouldn’t bc it’s undignified 

Wanna know why?

“Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman told the crowd at Saturday’s Women’s March in downtown Los Angeles that she experienced what she calls “sexual terrorism” as a 13-year-old after the release of the film The Professional.

Portman described her pride and excitement in releasing the film, only to encounter sexually explicit messages both directed toward her and made about her.

”I excitedly opened my first fan mail to read a rape fantasy that a man had written me,” she recalled. “A countdown was started on my local radio show to my 18th birthday, euphemistically the date that I would be legal to sleep with. Movie reviewers talked about my budding breasts in reviews.”

The experience, she said, changed the way she expressed herself publicly, in order to limit the ways she could be objectified by others.

”I understood very quickly, even as a 13-year-old, that if I were to express myself sexually, I would feel unsafe,” she said. “And that men would feel entitled to discuss and objectify my body to my great discomfort. So I quickly adjusted my behavior. I rejected any role that even had a kissing scene and talked about that choice deliberately in interviews. I emphasized how bookish I was and how serious I was. And I cultivated an elegant way of dressing. I built a reputation for basically being prudish, conservative, nerdy, serious, in an attempt to feel that my body was safe and that my voice would be listened to.”

Video of the speech here: https://www.vox.com/2018/1/21/16917130/natalie-portman-womens-march






a concept: a bus, but horizontal


i have to do all the work around here

I don’t know why but I was picturing this:

He had to fight his way to the top



Horikoshi: Kirishima is the dragon


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